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Relaxing Massage
Massage Room

Take a break and visit Sharp Image Hair Design & Day Spa for wonderful massage services. Our message therapy will loosen up tense muscles and set your mind at ease.

Benefits of massage therapy

Premium massage therapies

• It relaxes spasms and relieves tension

• It acts as a mechanical cleanser, hastening the elimination of wastes and toxic debris

• It improves the circulation and nutrition to the joints, hastens the elimination of harmful

  deposits, lessening of inflammation and easing out the pain

• It dilates blood vessels improving circulation and relieving congestion throughout the body

• It increases the blood supply to muscles without adding to their load of toxic lactic acid

  produced through voluntary muscle contractions

Feel revitalized by experiencing our quality massage therapy services. Our soothing music and natural decor will help you relax more.


Choose from a variety of therapeutic massage types:

  • Swedish and hot stone

  • Trigger point and deep tissue

  • Reflexology and pregnancy massages.  

Call us now: 724-834-6243

Treat Yourself to a Relaxing Massage

$10 off new client massage

Come in and relax with a one hour massage with Ansley.